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I love Sesame Street videos too much.

Unpopular opinion: The best show in the history of television is not I Love Lucy or Mad Men or The Sopranos or Breaking Bad or Seinfeld.

The best show in the history of television is Sesame Street.


Might actually get the Sims 4. At the start of the video I was thinking “Wow, EA, y u do this?” but the social’s been improved a lot and I saw in the Goth house the windows are higher as you go up the staircase - SO MANY Sims 3 houses I built looked weird from the outside because a huge section of the wall where the staircase was would just be windowless.

Love this song :) Need something to listen to while I make another theme :3 Message me if you wanna know when it’s done.

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Added code to my theme to feature my pixel me by emzbratz, noticed the ask post has burst out of the side of my <section>, thinking of scrapping the whole theme and starting over >.>

i made my own tag meme

  • why is
  • im gonna
  • dont
  • i cant
  • look at
  • where
  • stop

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Hey! I would love a pixel me, if you've got time! I have long, curly purple hair, a fringe that goes to (my) right, glasses, hazel eyes and pale skin and I often wear black tops with patterned skirts and black tights or leggings with white converse & a silver coloured bracelet :) If you don't have time don't worry & I love your pixel arts! ~ chessenclook

I hope this is okay :) I went for a pokadot skirt and black tights but i made sure to include the bracelet and glasses and of course the awesome purple hair ;) (I’m dyeing my hair lilac this month, I can’t wait!)

~ emzbratz

Thank you! I love it :D Thanks so much for taking the time (:



sprinkleofglitr, my favourite lady on youtube :)

Wowee! <3

Oh my god that is an amazing drawing :o Maybe I should get myself a new pack of coloured pencils, I wonder what kind were used for this?

Hiii! Lovely hair!! How did you get it like this? What bleach / hair dye do you use? x ~ ironicallyphan

Hey! I used the Jerome Russell BBlonde kits (originally dark/mid brown :o) and a mix of directions dyes - cerise and neon blue. I did 2 bleaches quite far apart because the first one was a 40 vol to remove the build up of permanent dyes I had and then I used a 30 vol to lighten it. It went white >.< Hope this helps, are you thinking of going purple? (:

Just sent a pixel me request to emzbratz & now I’m gonna go do some drawings myself :)

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